07 Sep

Today’s Gospel Reading: Luke 5:33-39 – TWENTY-SECOND WEEK OF THE YEAR: Friday, 7 September 2018

Jesus’ continual call to us is also a point that can be drawn from today’s Gospel reading of new wine in fresh skins. If we remain too rigidly tied to our past, we will be unable to hold, sustain or release the vitality of the new grace, power and direction toward which Jesus is calling us.

Just as the Gospel was not reducible to synagogue or Jerusalem Judaism, so circumstances change, we change and the contexts in which the Gospel must be lived and preached change. In the middle of all this, the Lord is not silent. We should remain attuned, through prayer and spiritual conversation with others, to the Lord’s call to us.

We are called to be faithful to the Lord. Despite what others may think, He alone knows the real depth of our fidelity to Him.

Jakarta, 7 September 2018

A Christian Pilgrim

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