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Today’s Gospel Reading: Luke 5:1-11 – TWENTY-SECOND WEEK OF THE YEAR: Thursday, 6 September 2018 

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus gives a catch of fish to the first disciples and makes them fishers of mankind. Their story will be told in the Acts of the Apostles.

It is a great error to believe that we produce salvation. It is a contemporary form of neo-Pelagianism to claim that enough money, programs, meetings, and policy statements will save people. The opposite error is to claim that we can simply sit by and allow the Holy Spirit to build up the Church, as though our industry and intelligence were irrelevant. This is a form of neo-Quietism. There is no excuse for a sloppy ministry. We provide the nets and skills. The Lord provides the catch.

As a parish and as individuals, we plant and nourish while God gives the growth.

Jakarta, 6 September 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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ROMANS 15:13

Jakarta, 6 September 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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