THE LIVING BREAD: Solemnity of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ [Year A] – John 6:51-58

Jakarta, 18 June 2017

A Christian Pilgrim

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WHEN we reflect on the life of Jesus Christ we can see that it was a very hard and difficult life, certainly more difficult and hard than ours will ever be. To begin with, Jesus was born poor, He lived poor, and He died poor. He knew the meaning of hard work and the squeeze of a tight budget as He grew up helping Saint Joseph in his carpenter shop. When He was about thirty years of age He became a traveling missionary. He went about from town to town in the primitive society of Palestine as He preached to the people. Often he did not know where he would sleep at night or where his food would come from. 

People came to Jesus with their problems, physical, mental and spiritual. Many seemed interested in Him only for the sake of their own welfare. It is true that some people responded to Jesus, but more of them were either indifferent or positively hostile. During the Holy Week we have reflected on how terrible were the final days of His life. All that Jesus did, He did out of love for His Father and for us, and now we celebrate the reward of that love in the resurrection. The resurrection brought fulfillment to the earthly life of Jesus; it was a new life of happiness and union with His Father in heaven. 

And this new life through resurrection is our goal too. In fact, it is our hope in resurrection with Christ that should give meaning and purpose to our lives. We are meant for much more than this present life. We are destined to share not only in the suffering and the death of Jesus, but in His resurrection as well. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is so important that in the mind of the Church every Sunday is like a little Easter. It is just too big a thing to celebrate and praise and thank God about only once a year. The Church calls us to Mass each Sunday to commemorate the fact that through death Jesus came to the glory of the resurrection, and we are invited in each Mass to praise and thank God for this great truth of our salvation. What Jesus did, He did for our benefit. 

And every Sunday we are invited to receive the resurrected, glorified Christ in Holy Communion. Our Communion is a pledge and a promise that Christ will raise us from the dead if we are loyal and faithful to Him. 

Jakarta, 8th of April 2013 

A Christian Pilgrim


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