19 Feb

As we begin our Lenten season, I want to encourage you all to pray through he passion of Christ. Pretend you have traveled back in time to the year A.D. 63, thirty years after Jesus died on the cross. Pretend that you’re sitting with some of the original apostles as they recount what happened on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. See what might have been in their minds and these imagined insights help guide you in prayer.

We do not just recall these events; in some mysterious way they are made present to us and we are given the opportunity to participate in them ourselves. This happens most powerfully at the Mass, when we are invited to enter into the events of the Last Supper. But it also happens at other times, such as when we pray the rosary or the stations of the cross. In each instance, we can get a taste of what the apostles and other early believers experienced.

Let the Holy Spirit take you back to the scenes being described. By recalling the Passion of the Lord in this way, we become “no longer disinterested bystanders.” We are “entering into” this most moving and life-changing of events.

Jakarta, 19 February 2021

A Christian Pilgrim

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