28 Nov

Tomorrow, Sunday the 29th of November 2020, we will begin the season of Advent with words of caution and promise from the Lord. Rather than considering Advent simply as a time of waiting for Christmas, Jesus wants us to see it as a time of transformation and miracles, especially when the world is still struggling to come out of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

So much can happen over the next few weeks, if only we stay alert to the Spirit’s movements. God may want to remove a particular sinful foundation in our live. He may want to heal a broken relationship, turn our sorrow into joy, or answer a long-held prayer in our hearts. Whatever God wants to do, we stand a much greater chance of receiving if if we take a few steps each day that will help us watch and wait: (1) Spend enough time in personal prayer praising and thanking God for sending Jesus to forgive you and bring you into His presence. (2) Spend enough time reading Scripture and asking the Holy Spirit to write the word of God on your heart. (3) Examine your conscience and repent of anything that keeps you form knowing God’s love and reflecting that love to others. (4) Prepare a plan for spiritual growth that includes spiritual reading and participation in the life of the Church.

May God grant you a really meaningful Advent Season.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me prepare for the coming of Your Son. I want to accept the grace that He won for me. During this season of expectation, fill my heart with Your love and my mind with Your truth. Amen.

Jakarta, 28 November 2020

A Christian Pilgrim





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