18 May

Today’s Gospel Reading: John 14:7-14 – 4th WEEK OF EASTER: Saturday, 18 May 2019

Jesus said that that anyone who sees Him sees the Father. That must have been incredibly good news to Philip and the other apostles. They could gaze on Jesus and see God Himself. But what about today? How will people today see God? In us! Jesus lives in us, His followers, and when people see us, they should see Jesus and the Father.

Such a truth may take us aback. How can I teach with the authority that Jesus showed? Yet it is often in the simplest of things that people can see Jesus in us. A kind word, a smile, an encouraging gesture, a charitable act in time of need, an offered prayer – such little acts go a lot further than we often think. As we simply go about living our Christian lives as Christ wills and the Church guides, we really can reveal Jesus and the Father to others.

A story illustrates this point. a young wife and mother took her ill husband from New York to Italy, hoping the change of climate would do him good. Soon after they arrived, however, the man died. Now a widow, the young woman stayed on in the home of friends of the family. Over the months, this family’s life reflected the love and kindness of Jesus through their prayer, hospitality, and daily interactions. The woman was so affected by the witness of this family that she decided to become Catholic when she returned home. In the years that followed, her witness brought other women to Christ, and together they opened the first Catholic school in the United States. All that because Elizabeth Ann Seton saw Jesus in one family in Italy?

How powerful can be our simple witness of Christian love and kindness to others! There is a time for signs and wonders to demonstrate God’s power, and Jesus can accomplish those remarkable works through us, too. But most of the time it’s the “ordinary” expressions of love and kindness that allow others to see God in us. And when they see God, they see a Father who loves them with an everlasting love.

Jakarta, 18 May 2019

A Christian Pilgrim


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