16 May

Today’s Gospel Reading: John 13:16-20 – 4th WEEK OF EASTER: Thursday, 16 May 2019

How great the humility of our God! As Trinity, God dwells in the perfect security of divine love. He has no need to boast or dominate. He doesn’t need our services at all. And yet, He chose to create us and share His divine life with us.

God may humble, but at dawn of human existence, we  His people fell into the sin of pride by withdrawing from Him. And what was God’s response to such ungrateful rebellion? He sent His only Son to wash our feet (John 13:3-15)! We may have pierced His feet on the cross, yet every day He humbly offers to was our feet.

No servant is greater than his master (John 13:16). If we want to respond to the love of God has for us, the best thing we can do is imitate Him by humbly serving others. No matter what our vocation or job, we are called to wash feet. We are all called to lower ourselves in order to lift up and refresh the people with whom we live and work. What mother or father doesn’t face this challenge every day to caring for their children? What priest hearing confessions and offering the comfort of God’s forgiveness is exempt from the call to Christlike humility? What husband caring for his wife, or wife helping her husband, is not invited to follow Jesus’ example? In countless situations we can humble ourselves, and in each case, Jesus is present.

With great humility, the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, always seeking to convince us that we are extravagantly loved and always calling us to love just as extravagantly. He is always seeking to guide our actions and shape our attitudes so that we can take on the priorities of Christ. If we can learn to submit to the Spirit and adopt Jesus’ philosophy of service, not only will we become secure in God’s love, we will also go out and do great things – that is, humble acts of service.

Jakarta, 16 May 2019

A Christian Pilgrim


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