26 Apr

Today’s First Reading: Acts 4:1-12 – OCTAVE OF EASTER – EASTER FRIDAY: 26 April 2019

The person who lives in the region of faith dwells in the realm of miracles! That’s why Jesus told His disciples that if we say to a mountain, with faith. “Be taken up and thrown into the sea”, it really will happen. It’s also why He said that if we believe we have received what we ask for in prayer, it will be ours (Mark 11:23-24).

Peter and John had this kind of bold faith as they healed a lame man and courageously faced the Sanhedrin. They even tried to evangelize their accusers! Imprisoned overnight and now facing the possibility of further punishment, Peter boldly proclaimed the truth that salvation is in Jesus alone.

God wants us to know that we can have the same kind of courageous faith the apostles had. We can have the same faith that Mother Teresa had when she picked up the first dying person on the streets of Calcutta. She didn’t know what God had in store for her, but believing that He had called her to India, she responded. Then, as she stepped out in faith, more and more extraordinary things happened, to the point that an entire religious order was born to minister to the poorest of the poor. All because of one act of faith, Mother Teresa became a living witness to the power of the Gospel.

How will you witness to God today? Maybe by reaching out to a lonely neighbor, or by maintaining a peaceful disposition in a chaotic situation? Will it be by expressing words of kindness or encouragement to a friend at work or in your neighborhood? If these things are already part of your daily approach, ask the Holy Spirit to show you how your witness an broaden and extend to even more people. Perhaps you might visit someone who is sick, or take on some new form of service in your parish or your community. Whatever you do, let the Holy Spirit lead you and fill you with the courage and boldness of Peter and John.

Jakarta, 26 April 2019

A Christian Pilgrim

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  1. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    April 27, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Thought-provoking reflection. One can never do too much.


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