08 Apr

Today’s Gospel Reading: John 8:1-11 –  5th WEEK OF LENT: Monday, 8 April 2019

This story of the woman caught in adultery speaks so powerfully to us!

Every day, each of us has an opportunity to have a life-giving encounter with Jesus. Every day, He offers us the same love and mercy that fills us with hope and gratitude.

Sin burdens us and drains us of joy, but when we know we are forgiven, our whole life changes. Our spirits are lightened, we are freed from the burden of guilt, and our outlook on life changes dramatically.

With such a contrast between remaining bound in sin and experiencing the power of God’s mercy, what could possibly keep us from the Sacrament of Reconciliation? What could possibly keep us from going to Jesus so that we can hear those life-giving words: “Neither do I condemn you”? Jesus is waiting for us to come to Him; and even more importantly, so too is our own heart!

Jakarta, 8 April 2019

A Christian Pilgrim


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