06 Feb

Today’s Gospel Reading: Mark 6:1-6 – 4th ORDINARY WEEK: Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Jesus had been too familiar to His townspeople. His words, background and family were well-known to them. As He walked their streets, they probably continued their business without giving Him any special attention. They may have seen Him as teacher or rabbi, but not as Lord.

The same can happen with our faith as it did with the readers of the Letter to the Hebrews (today’s first reading: Hebrews 12:4-7,11-15). The faith and the Church can become so familiar that the drama of what it means to be a follower of Christ can be lost. 

Prosperity can cause us to lose sight of the powerful and liberating realities represented by words such as “redemption”, “forgiveness”, and “resurrection”. In such circumstances, problems and difficulties can reconfigure a familiar faith and bring the ancient words to new life.

The crisis of faith can generate a fresh start on our faith.

Jakarta, 6 February 2019

A Christian Pilgrim

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