10 Jul

Today’s Gospel Reading: Matthew 9:32-38 – FOURTEENTH WEEK OF THE YEAR: Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The crowds which followed Jesus found something in Him which their teachers were unable to give. They were grasping for a word of truth or comfort. We see a similar phenomenon today. People are seeking various ways to know God in a fashion that will pull together the different parts of their lives. They seek a bedrock upon which they can rely. Self-help books and popular psychology books that fill the supermarket racks can give temporary relief; but they testify to the nearly universal search for healing. The trendy cure of one year is forgotten in the next.

If we place our trust in the temporary and superficial, as did Israel, the misplaced faith will come back to haunt us. Healthy human living is a function of our communion with God. That is the message of the Book of Genesis. When that communion is cut off, the situation is similar to a house designed to be built on rock having been constructed on sand. The owner spends the rest of his life and money finding temporary buttresses and support to hold up a structure that is intrinsically insecure.

If we seek comfort from illusions, we will find illusory comfort. The strength that comes from God cannot be found in things.

Jakarta, 10 July 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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