05 Apr

Today’s Gospel Reading: Luke 24:35-48 – EASTER THURSDAY: 5 April 2018 

The Lord commissions the Apostles to carry the Gospel from Jerusalem to all the world. When these titles given to Jesus were taken to non-Jews, they had to be translated into words that could be comprehended. “Messiah” (Anointed) became “Christos” (Greek for Anointed) and almost a surname for Jesus. “Son of Man” became “Son of God”; “Servant” became “Word of God”. 

The Church tried to express the reality of what the Risen Christ meant in terms which non-Jews could understand. Later councils and creeds would become increasingly metaphysical. That is one way in which the Gospel was preached to the ends of the earth and how it continues to be proclaimed. For ourselves, we might examine the meaning of the Resurrection for ourselves. How do we move from the facts that Jesus is no longer deal to its meaning as liberation from sin, healing, spiritual power and comforting presence? The Resurrection was the full display of God’s glory and power. Different people tap into that victory and that glory in different ways. The power of God available to us through Jesus comes in many forms.

The Resurrection can be a source of hope and power in every age, from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

Jakarta, 5 April 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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