03 Apr

Today’s Gospel Reading: John 20:11-18 – EASTER TUESDAY: 3 April 2018

The words of Jesus to Mary Magdalene can be either translated as “Don’t touch Me” or “Stop touching Me”. The translation, “Do not cling to Me” captures the point. The Resurrection meant that Jesus had a new relationship with people that was deeper and more intimate than was possible in Galilee. The Risen and Transformed Christ was now the glue of this new community of faith.

The Church was composed of those who were changed by their experience of Christ. Later generations would be exposed to a similar experience through their own dying to sin and rising to new sacramental life. As Peter declares in today’s first reading ( Acts 2:36-41), we can experience the saving power of Christ by our repentance and baptism. In that way, we can internalize the dying and rising of the Lord.

The Church is composed of those who can repeat the words of the earliest creed from the depths of their own experience that “Jesus is Lord”.

Jakarta, 3 April 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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