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Today’s Gospel Reading: Mark 5:1-20 – Monday, 29 January 2018

The story of the evil spirits cast into the swine illustrates two points both for the early Church as well as for ourselves. First, Jesus is in Gentile territory since Jews had no reason to raise pigs (unless these were extremely liberal Jews). The Kingdom Jesus embodied would not e an intramural Jewish affair – its expanse was to be universal. Secondly, Mark is explaining why the preaching of the Gospel seemed to flourish years later in this “pagan” region of the Ten Cities. By expelling these demons, Jesus created an environment conducive to the preaching of the Word despite the initial hesitations of the towns-people.

We all create an environment. Our private spiritual life radiates to others. Some see this as the significance of the halo used in Christian iconography. Just as Jesus send the healed man back to his own family, so we bring our spiritual resources to bear, often unknowingly, upon those we meet.

Jesus works not only through our words and deeds, but also through what we are and what we have become.

Jakarta, 29 January 2018

A Christian Pilgrim

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PSALM 107:15

Jakarta, 29 January 2018

A Christian Pilgrim


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