13 Nov



Today’s Gospel Reading: Luke 17:26-37 – Friday, 13 November 2015 

This is a difficult Gospel reading. The Lord refers to popular indifference about our final end similar to that of people at the time of Noah and Lot. The parables of Jesus indicate that there would be an undetermined lapse of time before His return. 

When that decisive moment comes, however, each person will be on her or his own. Where the carcasses are, there will be the vultures. Where human beings exist, even in remote sections of the planet, there will judgment occur. There is no escaping personal accountability. 

In all of these apocalyptic statements of the Lord, three levels are operative. There is reference to the destruction of Jerusalem, the end of the cosmic world and our individual end at death. The difficulty in our understanding Jesus’ assertions about the end is that the evangelists crammed all three levels together. They are difficult for us to unravel. 

Unlike the Greek gods, our God is involved in our lives. There will come a time when He will bring us to a moment of fulfillment in an historical event that signals the end of an era, or in the final end of history, or in our own death in its normal course. 

The point is, that at the “end”, we should be prepared to answer whether we have done our best in using the gifts and opportunities the Lord has given us. 

Jakarta, 13 November 2015 

A Christian Pilgrim


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