16 Aug


We know of only one person besides Jesus who can enter into eternity without repentance. This is Mary, the ever-pure Virgin, the immaculate one. What our heart in its bitter experience can hardly believe has become true for one human being – Mary. She need not disclaim one moment of her life; no part of it has remained empty and dead. She can stand by each deed of her life: not one was dark; not one passed away without enklndling an eternal light, without shining with the luminosity that entirely consumes the moral possibilities of each moment.

Such a life did not come to an end with Mary’s death; when she died, only the transitory died, so that what was eternal in her life might be revealed – that eternal light from the many thousand candles enkindled by each moment of her life. Thus her whole life entered eternity – each day, each hour, each breaking of the waves of the life of her soul, every joy and every pain, the great and small hours. Nothing was abandoned; everything lives on in the eternal goodness of the soul that has gone home.

Source: Karl Rahner S.J., (Edited by Albert Raffelt. Translation edited by Harvey D. Egan, S.J.) The Great Church Year – The Best of Karl Rahner’s Homilies, Sermons, and Meditations, New York: Crossroad, 1995, page 345.

Jakarta, 16 August 2015

A Christian Pilgrim

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