26 Apr


ROH KUDUS MELAYANG-LAYANG - 2The rulers, elders and scribes were astonished by the actions and demeanor of Peter and John: “When they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they we uneducated, common men, they wondered; and they recognized that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13).

“Boldness” as used here can also mean candor, courage, or fearlessness, especially before people of high rank. The confidence and courage which Peter and John exhibited did not come from their training in rhetoric or their scholastic abilities; as common fishermen they had no such training! No, the Holy Spirit acted in them and enabled them to draw upon all that Jesus had taught them during their time with Him (Acts 4:8).

Peter and John had the benefit of several years of close fellowship with Jesus before His ascension into heaven. During this time, Jesus patiently trained them in the fundamental lessons of discipleship. He promised to be with them always (Matthew 28:20), not only while He was on earth, but even as He entered heaven and poured out the Holy Spirit.

These disciples, then, followed the leading of the Holy Spirit who enlightened them about the meaning of Jesus’ words and showed them what to say and do. Their opponents knew that Peter and John had been in communion with Jesus but didn’t know what to make of that (Acts 4:13-14). The years of close fellowship with Jesus along with the movement of the Holy Spirit in them enabled these men to act boldly and confidently as they stepped out to do Jesus’ work.

As we walk with Jesus as His disciples and learn from Him, the Holy Spirit can touch our minds as well and lead us to the right words and actions in the situations we face each day. Our efforts to maintain continual fellowship with the Lord can provide a sound foundation on which the Holy Spirit can act in our lives.

Jakarta, 26 April 2014

A Christian Pilgrim


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