01 Apr


RIVER FLOWING - 01The book of Ezekiel recounts God’s call to the prophet and Ezekiel subsequent oracles about the fall of Jerusalem and the fate of the nations surrounding Jerusalem at the time of the Babylonian wars. The final part of the book contains prophecies and visions that illustrate the new covenant God wanted to give His people, centered around a vision of the new temple.

Ezekiel’s prophecy about the river that flows from the temple and spreads life all around it reappears in the book of Revelation (Rev 22:1-5). In both books, we can envision this river as a sign of the Holy Spirit, poured out from the throne of God to bring life to everyone. With the eyes of revelation, we can see how Jesus is the new temple who saved us with the water and blood that flowed from His side. This salvation continues to this day as the Holy Spirit ministers Jesus’ healing and forgiveness to human hearts.

The river of life described in Ezekiel’s prophecy gives us a wonderful image of the dynamic, life-giving power of the Holy Spirit. Like a river, the Spirit is constantly moving, healing, refreshing, and cleansing. Revealing to us that our sins are forgiven, He ever seeks to bring us deeper into God’s presence. Throughout our lives, the Holy Spirit prompts us to draw closer to our heavenly Father, just as a river gathers greater force as it flows into the see. As Ezekiel illustrated, the nearer we draw to God through repentance, obedience, and love of others, the more powerfully and more quickly the Spirit moves us into the Father’s arms.

We often hear of such incredible power, yet feel it is not possible for us. How can we experience the Holy Spirit moving us in this way? We simply have to ask the Lord for more and more of His Holy Spirit. Let us pray for more of His love, more of His power, a deeper awareness of His presence within us. Let us also pray for more purification, more mercy, more humility.

Jakarta, 1 April 2014

A Christian Pilgrim


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