15 Oct




 1.   There is so such thing as bad weather. All weather is good because it is God’s.

 2.   I had a serious fault …… If I began to realize that a person liked me, and I took to him myself, I would grow so fond of him that my memory would feel compelled to revert to him and I would always be thinking of him, without intentionally giving any offence to God …… But when once I had seen the great beauty of the Lord (in a vision) I saw no one by comparison on whom my thoughts wished to dwell. 

3.    Over my spirit flash and float in divine radiancy the bright and glorious visions of the world to which I go. 

4.   When the cart she was riding in overturned during a journey to found a Carmelite convent, St. Teresa was heard to pray to God: “No wonder You have so few friends, since this is the way You treat them.”

5.   Be not curious about matters that do not concern thee; never speak of them, and do not ask about them. 

6.   Whatever thou doest, offer it up to God, and pray it may be for His honor and glory.

7.   I am a daughter of the Church.

8.   Be kind to all and severe to thyself.

9.   Imagine thyself always to be the servant of all. I believe that all men must have a greater affection for those women whom they see disposed to be good. Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, not feet but yours; yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion looks out at the world, yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good, and yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now.

10.  Never be obstinate, especially in things of no moment. Christ does not force our will, He only takes what we give Him. But He does not give Himself entirely until He sees that we yield ourselves entirely to Him.

11. The sufferings God inflicts on contemplatives are of so unbearable a kind, that, unless He sustained such souls with the manna of divine consolations, they would find their agony unbearable.

12. During eight and twenty years of prayer, I spent more than eighteen in the strife and contention which arose out of my attempts to reconcile God and the world.

13. Even if you are committing mortal sins, keep on praying, and I guarantee you that you will reach the harbor of salvation.

14. Cursed be the loyalty which reaches so far as to go against the law of God. Never do anything that you cannot do in the presence of all. Never assert anything without first being assured of it. 

Source: Ronda de Sola Chervin, QUOTABLE SAINTS, Makati, Philippines: St Pauls Philippines, 1995. 

Jakarta, 18th of October 2013 

A Christian Pilgrim


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