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A GRAPHIC LESSON in the folly of pride is contained in the following little incident: 

When the Italian statesman, Cavour, visited the emperor Napoleon III in 1859, he is said to have remarked: “Do you know that there are only three men in Europe? We two and Bismarck.” 

Before many years had passed, Napoleon III had died in exile. 

The life work of Cavour, the creation of the kingdom of Savoy, crushed into ruins with the death in exile of Victor Emmanuel III. 

Bismarck created the Hohenzollern ascendancy; today it is only a memory. 


Of all the causes which conspire to blind man’s erring judgment, and mislead the mind, what the weak head with the strongest bias rules, is pride – that never failing vice of fools. 

Pride is the master sin of the devil. 

Note: Taken from “A THOUGHT A DAY – LITTLE THOUGHTS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE TO HELP THEM BECOME GOD’S GREAT SAINTS” (Assembled by A Father of the Society of St. Paul). 

Jakarta, 30 August 2012 

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