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By: Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM 

PRAYER isn’t bending God’s arms in order to get things, or talking God into things. God is already totally given. Prayer is us learning how to receive, learning how to wait, listen, possess something. It’s not that we pray and God answers; our praying is already God answering. Your desire to pray is God in your heart. Your reaching out to enter into dialogue with the Lord is already the answer of God. It is grace that makes us desire grace. 

When you don’t even have that desire to pray, to want to listen to God, then perhaps your openness to the Spirit has come to a halt. If you’re not really wanting or choosing God anymore, what can you do? All you can do is ask for it again: “Lord, give me the desire to pray. Give me the desire to be in union with you.” Pray for the desire to desire. Prayer is unmarketable. Prayer gives you no immediate payoff. You get no immediate feedback or sense of success. True prayer, in that sense, probably is the most courageous and countercultural thing an American will ever do. [from: The Price of Peoplehood] 

Source: John Bookser Feister (Editor), RADICAL GRACE – DAILY MEDITATIONS BY RICHARD ROHR, 1993, page 172-173. 

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