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THE WORLD is so full of people who are making an effort to fit God into their own ideas of what God should be, that “God-making” is an all too common practice. “What I would like God to be?” is the starting point of this folly; the end of it is the statement that “God is what I would like Him to be.” Not many begin their thinking about God with the inescapable fact that HE is absolute truth, absolute justice, absolute authority, perfect and intelligent love. 

All heresies, therefore, stem from man’s wanting to make God over in the image and likeness of man, rather than accepting himself as the image and likeness of God. If I want to be free from hard doctrines, difficult moral precepts, or specific obligations of worship, it is so easy to say that God is a vague reality (no hard doctrine there) or that God is unconcerned about laws (because I want to be unconcerned about laws) or that God is best worshipped in nature (because I do not want to worship God in church). 

Religion is essentially submission to God; nothing else deserves the name. 

Note: Taken from “A THOUGHT A DAY – LITTLE THOUGHTS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE TO HELP THEM BECOME GOD’S GREAT SAINTS” (Assembled by A Father of the Society of St. Paul). 

Jakarta, 21 August 2012 

A Christian Pilgrim

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